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Process Engineer

Description of job:

1. Responsible for the design, product research and development departments of the relevant coordination, communication, to solve the problems of drawings;

2. To establish a "production drawings registration form", the timely receipt of the receipt of production drawings;

3. According to the production drawings to prepare the processing technology, estimate the processing time;

4. According to the drawings, process check inventory materials and tools, the need for procurement of materials or tools to fill out the "purchase requisition" filed materials purchase;

5. To assist and guide the raw material warehouse manager according to the drawings, process ingredients;

6. Responsible for tracking, monitoring the implementation process of the process, to solve the field of technology, equipment and other issues, or can not solve the problem to the higher level to reflect and propose a solution;

7. Responsible for the organization of the workshop to submit the quality of the team, the production process technology abnormal situation report on the statistical analysis of the product in time to solve the process of production technology and quality problems, can not handle their own matters to the higher level report, coordination The solution of the problem;

8. Prepare the corresponding "equipment safety operation rules" for different positions, and cooperate with the on-site supervisors to carry out safety production education for the production personnel;

9. According to the requirements of different equipment, the production of "equipment maintenance and maintenance table" to guide the site personnel to equipment maintenance, maintenance;

10. Establish "equipment accounting".

Job requirements:

Job requirements (gender, age, education, skills, experience, quality, etc.)

1, college education;

2, age 35-55 years old;

3, 5 years of mechanical manufacturing industry experience, proficient in machinery manufacturing equipment and technology; office software operation skilled, CAD, can design simple fixture.