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The first half of the machinery industry to achieve total profit growth of 14.69%

China Machinery Industry Federation on the 8th release of the first half of the machinery industry operation shows that the first half of the industry to the good momentum is obvious, the main economic indicators growth rate than expected, to achieve the main business income of 12.51 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.6% 857.6 billion yuan, an increase of 14.69%.
According to the Xinhua News Agency reported that last year, mainly by the automobile, electrical and electrical appliances to pull the two major industries, the first half of this year, the machinery industry to the whole industry, agricultural machinery, internal combustion engines, engineering machinery, instrumentation and other industries are the main business income double growth of. In the industry-wide profits, in addition to cars and electrical appliances other industries accounted for 53.52%, a substantial increase over the previous year 39.16 percentage points.
Chen Bin, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said the machinery industry-related data to pick up the whole industry to actively innovate the reasons for the transformation, there are base factors, is based on the previous year on the basis of the resumption of growth. In addition, the growth in demand for livelihood areas also provides new space for the machinery industry.
But it should also be noted that the high cost of financing and other issues still exist in the industry. China Machinery Industry Federation recently conducted a survey of some key enterprises, expensive, expensive, with expensive is still the production and operation of enterprises in the process of problems. In addition, the logistics costs, raw material prices is also the rapid growth of the recent problems faced by enterprises.
Chen Bin is expected to increase the value of machinery industry growth of about 8%, the main business income and total profit growth of about 8%, foreign trade exports is expected to end for two consecutive years of decline, year on year growth rate from negative to positive.